6MonthPlan - 01 - Get Guide

Bagpipers: Reach the Next Grade Level in 6 Months

Copy and paste your tunes into our month-by-month "training blueprint" to literally reach the next grade level in 180 days.  

  • Print our proven 6-month "training" schedule that structures your half-hour-per-day development plan.
  • Learn where the unique "Blowin' Slow," "Painfully Open Embellisments," and "Late-on-Purpose" exercise techniques fit into our plan to consolidate many key fundamentals into short "workouts."
  • Flexible options that allow you to select the date of your first competition, select your own repertoire, and cater the plan to any level of play.
  • Learn to assemble the Bagpiper's Ultimate Learning Zone - your "happy place" where ALL SIX of the key success tools are always there when you need them.