Attend All Dojo U Live Classes Free During Corona Virus Pandemic

Hey everyone, Andrew here from the Dojo. As an online bagpipe school, we're in the unique position to help pipers make the best of the Corona Virus situation, with many of us "stuck" at home, and all of us limiting too much contact with the outside world. 

For the next "wee while," we'll be offering ALL of our live bagpipe classes free to the public. Literally anyone is allowed to join us. Let's all enjoy some great piping together as we weather the storm. 

Our classes run several times per day, Monday through Friday. Once logged into our site you'll be able to view the full schedule and plan your piping week!

To get free access to our classes, simply enroll below and we'll send you your username and password to access our sessions 100% free. 

Get Free Username and Password

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